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Update Posted April 15, 2011: As of April 1, 2011 - Jae Burnham of U Save Moving & Storage has moved his residence and moving business once again from Eagle Michigan to Grand Ledge MI.

Website update: As of April 5, 2011 Jae Burnham's website www.USaveMovingandStorage.com has apparently been suspended by hosting company BlueHost.com his domain name for reasons unknown. It appears that efforts by Jae Burnham has unsuccessful in having his rights to this domain name and website reinstated. See - www.usavemovingandstorage.com

POSTED March 30, 2011 - It appears that Jae Burnham got out of jail on March 25, 2011. He states that he is moving back to Grand Ledge and moving from his current residence of Eagle Michigan.

He posted this on his facebook account:

U-Save Moving
So U-Save Moving And Storage is moving back to Grand Ledge. I love this town.
Monday at 8:01am · Like · Comment


Any new news on this Jae Burnham / U Save Moving – please be sure to post it on our blog. It is imperative that we keep the public informed of this person and his ilegal activities in Michigan.

Any public information regarding Jae Burnham's legal charges / sentences / status with the State of Michigan court system is greatly appreciated.


This website is not sponsored by nor affiliated with Jae L. Burnham or any other known aliases he himself uses or has used in the past, present, or future or any colorable imitation of himself or any other individual so named Jae Burnham, and this content is publicly available from documents, recorded events which have been provided by Jae L. Burnham himself.

Complied or not complied? You Decide...

The website you are about to read has a plethora of information designed to educate, inform, and be made aware of Jae Lorne Burnham of U Save Moving & Storage located in Michigan of his activities as an illegal moving company operator of household goods in the State of Michigan and across state lines in the United States.

Ready? Here we go.

As Stated from the Court per United States Federal District Judge Cleland - U.S. Federal Court Eastern District
Detroit Michigan - Case 2:08-cv-14792-RHC-MKM - Filed 11/19/10 this notice (read below) was to be displayed on all websites, literature, and any other forms of advertising that Mr. Burnham currently has online. After you finish this webpage, we are sure that you will see that he is not in compliance with Federal Court Orders.

By Order of Judge Robert Cleland, Jae Burnham was to post this (below) on each and every webpage and / or advertisement he has in his possession. Order directive to Jae Burnham reads as folllows:

Public viewing of Jae Burnham official court order and directives

Can be read here - Click Here



I Jae Burnham, the owner of the content posted here, have been ordered by the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan to post this notice because I have been twice found in contempt of court. IF YOU ARE SEARCHING FOR “EZ MOVING” OR “EASYMOVING,” THIS IS NOT THE SITE OF ANY SUCH MOVING BUSINESS. Until 2009 I used the name “Quick and Easy Moving” for my moving business and was ordered to cease using that name because it was confusingly similar to another more senior business, “EZ Moving and Storage.” My moving business is NOT “Easy Moving,” “EZ Moving,” or anything similar to the word “easy” in connection with “moving.”Also, during the time I advertised to provide moving services usingthe words “Quick and Easy,” I made claims that my business had “5 employees and its own moving vehicles.” These statements were false when I made them, and they continued to be false through November 2010. After I was sued for trademark infringement, I settled and agreed to remove the words “easy” and “quick” from my internet presence, and I agreed to make certain payments.I failed to comply with these terms, and I was held in contempt of court. Additional monetary penalties were added. I again failed to abide by the terms as ordered, and was again held in contempt of court.I have been ordered by the court to post this notice to correct my past untrue statements connected with my misuse of the “Quick and Easy Moving” trade name and to ensure that I will comply with the terms of my agreement.


Now that you've read the real official copy as directed by a U.S.Federal Judge.

Now see the copy posted by Jae L Burnham

Click here for Jae Burnham's version he posted: Click Here  (When visiting the webpage be sure to look and compare the text posted by Jae Burnham himself and the official copy above as ordered by United States Federal Judge Robert Cleland - Can you find the missing text he deleted and text he added himself?)


Now see the directives as ordered by the judge by which Mr. Burnham has been ordered to comply

The text must be encoded to display in Arial or Times New Roman font at a size of no less than 10 point font, black on a white background. The text may be directly above or directly below any banner across the top of the page. It must precede allarticles, videos, or audio recordings that promote Defendant’s business or deal with the moving services industry. Defendant shall maintain such notice prominently on all websites, articles, videos, or other severable internet or computer content created or ownedby or for Defendant and involving the moving services business. Defendant shall also prominently display such notice in any other online postings, articles, or other similar content placed on the sites of others by, for, or with the consent of Defendant. This requirement will continue from December 15, 2010, until December 15, 2011.

Jae Burnham Court Order Continued Official Court Order can be read here - Click Here

Unless Burnham pays the $1,000 ordered by 3:30 p.m. on November 24, 2010,he will be ordered to surrender to the United States Marshal for the Eastern District of Michigan at the Theodore Levin United States Court house, located at 231 West Lafayette Boulevard in Detroit, Michigan, on November 24, 2010, at a time no later than3:30 p.m. He will be held in custody of the United States Bureau of Prisons for a term of 30 days for contempt of court. Defendant has been afforded every opportunity to avoid sanction by this court, but the pattern he has established suggests that he complies onlywhen faced with immediate punishment. This final incentive is deemed necessary in order to encourage compliance with the orders of the court.In order to facilitate enforcement of this order, Burnham will inform the court by3:30 p.m. on November 24, 2010, of his compliance or non compliance with this order.Likewise, Plaintiff will inform the court by 3:30 p.m. on November 24, 2010, if it has received payment of the $1,000 ordered by that time. The parties may use any convenient means of communication.

III. CONCLUSION IT IS ORDERED that Defendant Jae L. Burnham is held in contempt of court forfailing to abide by the Settlement Agreement, Consent Judgment, and Injunction filed with this court. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that Defendant Jae L. Burnham shall affix the notice contained within this order upon all commercial materials he posts on the internet that are related to the moving services industry. This notice shall be affixed fromDecember15, 2010, until December 15, 2011.IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that Defendant Jae L. Burnham shall remove and document the removal of, or document his reasonable attempts to rem- ove, all references to “Quick and Easy Moving” or other content in violation of any order of thiscourt from all web sites now or previously controlled by or for Defendant, with the exception of references contained in the notice required by this order. This removal and documentation shall be accomplished by December 15, 2010.IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that Defendant Jae L. Burnham shall pay and deliver to Plaintiff the amount of $1,000 on or before November 24, 2010, by3:30 p.m.IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that Defendant Jae L. Burnham pay to Plaintiff amounts not less than $100 by 5:00 p.m. each Friday, beginning on December 3, 2010,until the full amount of $10,178 ordered in the Injunction has been paid. Defendant’s previous payment of $100 and any payment of November 24, 2010, shall be deducted from the outstanding balance of his obligation.

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that unless Defendant Jae L. Burnham shall have remitted payment of $1,000 to Plaintiff by3:30 p.m.on November 24, 2010, said Jae L.Burnham shall surrender to the United States Marshal for the Eastern District of Michigan at the Theodore Levin United States Courthouse, located at 231 West Lafayette Boulevard in Detroit, Michigan, at or before3:30 p.m.on November 24,2010, to be imprisoned for 30 days in the custody of the United States Bureau of Prisons for contempt of court. If Defendant is taken into custody, a further hearing will then be set to determine additional sanctions, and the other obligations in this order shall be suspended pending that hearing. Defendant may purge his contempt by making the payment required during the term of imprisonment.

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that Defendant Jae L. Burnham inform the court before3:30 p.m.on November 24, 2010, whether he has complied with the payment requirements of this order to be completed by that time.

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that Plaintiff TDC International Corporation informthe court before 3:30 p.m.onNovember 24, 2010, if it has received payment of the$1,000 required by this order to be paid at that time.

Additonal pretext information regarding the court order

I. ORDER HOLDING DEFENDANT JAE L. BURNHAM IN CONTEMPT OF COURT AND IMPOSING CIVIL PENALTIES On November 10, 2010, this court held a hearing for Defendant Jae L. Burnham to show cause why he should not be held in contempt of court for failing to abide by thestrictures of the injunction issued by this court on May 3, 2010, (“Injunction”). At the hearing, Burnham failed to make a sufficient showing, and the court found him incontempt. This order establishes the penalties to be imposed on Burnham to purge his contempt and clarifies certain specific actions to be taken by Defendant in order tocomply with the Injunction.

I. BACKGROUND The underlying dispute arose out of Defendant’s use of the mark “Quick and Easy Moving” in connection with his moving services, which conflicted with Plaintiff’s established use of the mark “EZ Moving / Moving and Storage.” On November 14, 2008,Plaintiff filed a complaint in this court. The parties entered into a Settlement Agreement in May 2009, and a Consent Judgment was filed on June 22, 2009. Because Plaintiff presented evidence of Defendant’s failure to comply with the terms of the Settlement Agreement and Consent Judgment, on May 3, 2010, the court issued the Injunction,which required compliance and proof of compliance.The Injunction required Defendant to “remove all internet postings, websites,email addresses, advertisements, online business listings, YouTube accounts, Twitter accounts, and any other online material associated with him” such as to have “zero internet presence.” After submitting proof of compliance, Defendant was allowed to“build a legitimate internet presence, free of references that violate the Settlement Agreement and Consent Judgment.” Defendant was served with a copy of theInjunction. In addition, the Injunction required Defendant to pay Plaintiff $10,178 in theamount of at least $100 per week. Defendant submitted proof of compliance to thecourt.Plaintiff has subsequently shown that Defendant did not fully comply with theterms of the Injunction. Defendant continues to claim, without substantiation, that he isunable to remove references to “Quick and Easy Moving” on Squidoo.com, Yelp.com,and other web sites—including references in the keywords used by search engines tolocate sites. At the hearing, Burnham claimed that he is locked out of the sites and,therefore, cannot remove the offending content. He further claimed that he removes references that violate the Injunction whenever he finds them in the ordinary course of updating his collection of articles, videos, and postings. Additionally, Defendant admitted that he has made only one of the $100 weekly payments required by the Injunction, alleging insufficient surplus funds. Had Defendant made weekly paymentsas required, he would by this time have paid the amount of $2,400.

II. STANDARD The district court is afforded sound discretion in deciding a contempt petition.Elec. Workers Pension Trust Fund of Local Union # 58, IBEW v. Gary’s Elec. Serv. Co.,340 F.3d 373, 378 (6th Cir. 2003). There is no doubt that the due process safeguards customarily applied in civil litigation apply to civil contempt proceedings. The party charged with contempt is entitled to proper notice, an impartial hearing, and an opportunity to present a defense.NLRB v. Cincinnati Bronze, Inc., 829 F.2d 585, 589(6th Cir. 1987). Generally, civil contempt proceedings are summary in nature and “[t]hefull panoply of evidentiary and procedural safeguards of criminal proceedings or trialneed not be employed.”Nabkey v. Hoffius , 827 F. Supp. 450, 452 (W.D. Mich. 1993).“When a court seeks to enforce its order or supervise its judgment, one weapon in its arsenal is contempt of court.”Gary’s Elec. Serv. Co., 340 F.3d at 378. Although the power to hold a party in contempt should not be invoked lightly, the Supreme Court has explained that this power “is a necessary and integral part of the independence ofthe judiciary, and is absolutely essential to the performance of the duties imposed onthem by law. Without it [the courts] are mere boards of arbitration, whose judgments and decrees would be only advisory.”Gompers v. Buck’s Stove & Range Co., 221 U.S.418, 450 (1911).To hold a litigant in contempt, the movant must provide clear and convincing evidence showing the charged party violated a “definite and specific order of the court requiring him to perform or refrain from performing a particular act or acts with knowledge of the court’s order.”Gary’s Elec. Serv. Co., 340 F.3d at 379 (quoting Cincinnati Bronze , 829 F.2d at 591). “Once the movant establishes his prima facie case, the burden shifts to the contempt or who may defend by showing that he is presently unable to comply with the court’s order.”Id.(citingUnited States v. Rylander ,460 U.S. 752, 757 (1983)) (emphasis in original).

III. DISCUSSION The matters at issue in the current order are not new; they have been on going since the inception of the case. On December 18, 2008, a clerks’ entry of default against Defendant issued. On January 21, 2009, Plaintiff then moved for a default judgment. Two days later, Defendant moved to set aside the clerk’s entry of default andfiled an answer. Before trial, the parties agreed to a settlement, and the court issued a Consent Judgment on June 22, 2009. On November 18, 2009, Plaintiff filed its first motion for an order to show cause, and an order to show cause was granted on January21, 2010. Defendant failed to appear at the scheduled hearing, however, and Defendant was held in contempt by order issued on March 3, 2010. The court’s order holding Defendant in contempt imposed a civil penalty of $100 per day until Plaintiff fully complied with the Settlement Agreement and Consent Judgment. A second hearing was scheduled for April 6, 2010, and Defendant again failed to appear. A bench warrant was issued at the hearing, and Burnham finally agreed to appear voluntarily (under threat of imminent arrest) on April 15, 2010. A hearing to show cause was heldon April 27, 2010, and the Injunction was issued on May 3, 2010. By May 18, 2010, Defendant then submitted evidence of substantial compliance, after which time hestopped making weekly payments. Plaintiffs then filed yet another motion for an order to show cause, and a hearing was held on November 10, 2010. At that hearing,Defendant was found in contempt of court for continued noncompliance with the Injunction. Defendant Burnham has established a pattern of noncompliance with theorders of this court from the commencement of this case, and he has not responded tothe orders of the court, except when facing imminent sanction.Burnham’s attempt to avoid the terms of the courts orders are not limited to avoiding physical presence before the court. Burnham admits he has failed to payPlaintiff any amount above the first in what was to be a series of weekly installments of $100. Although he claims inability to pay, he has never presented any evidence of suchinability. Indeed, even Defendant’s argument at the hearing indicated that he intended to pay only when his new business venture was running a profit. The Injunction did not specify the source of the funds—whether they were to be paid out of capital, wages, ordebt. The Injunction did not waive payment until Defendant’s business reached sufficient revenue or profits. Defendant is required to make every reasonable attempt toobtain the funds necessary to make the payments indicated in the Injunction, most of which accrued due to Defendant’s blatant disregard of this court’s orders. Defendantmay not be able, at this time or at any time in the future, to pay the amounts owing outof the profits of his moving business, but that is of no significance. He could alternatively pay it out of his wages or sale of personal or business property. If these are insufficient, he could attempt to obtain gainful employment or pursue other business opportunities outside of the moving industry. Defendant is obligated to make use of any legal means of obtaining the sums necessary to comply with the Injunction. If all reasonable attempts to obtain sufficient funds prove futile, then Defendant must present evidence of the attempts made to the court. He cannot simply claim insufficient profits and rest upon his flawed interpretation of the Injunction’s requirements. Therefore, as explained clearly on the record to Defendant on November 10, 2010, Defendant is ordered to pay the amount of $1,000 no later than 3:30 p.m. on November 24, 2010. Itis the responsibility of Defendant to ensure delivery of the sum by that time, whether byearlier dispatching or personally delivering the funds to Plaintiff’s counsel. Defendant will then be ordered to continue to make weekly payments each week, beginning December 3, 2010, no later than 5:00 p.m. each Friday. All payments will continue until Defendant has paid the remaining balance of the $10,178 ordered by the Injunction. Defendant has also failed to comply with the nonmonetary requirements of the Injunction. It appears that Defendant did in fact take substantial action and removed most online references to his former “Quick and Easy Moving” business. However, the Injunction required him to remove all active sites associating him with the former entity.He is not required to perform the impossible, but he is required to use reasonable efforts. Burnham claims that he cannot remove the Squidoo.com and Yelp.com sites because he is locked out of them. Closing sites directly controlled by Burnham was the first step of compliance, but it was not the last. To comply with the Injunction, Burnham must contact the entities that maintain the sites and request they be removed pursuant to the Settlement Agreement, Consent Judgment, and Injunction. He must do this likewise with all current sites he created or had created, or those of which he has become actually aware, that include prohibited references. This includes requesting sites remove keywords that Defendant would be prohibited from placing on the sites.This is no small under taking, but it is required by the Injunction. Therefore, Defendant will be ordered to take all necessary actions by December 15, 2010.

As a corrective measure and sanction for Defendant’s continuing disregard of this court’s orders, Defendant will display the following text in a static box at the top of the initial page of any web site promoting, describing, advertising, or otherwise involving Defendant’s business operations in the moving services industry that is maintained by or for Defendant.

Matter of Public Record

Matter of Public Record

Matter of Public Record

Matter of Public Record

News worthy information

Eric Goldman Blog


We the People of Michigan
have compiled list below of all known webpages and content that Jae Burnham has posted online and we will be updating this webpage and its content as it develops / changes / or is found in the near future. We the People of Michigan feel compelled to help safeguard yourself and / or your company by knowing where and how this individual operates.

Who exactly is Jae Burnham and U Save Moving & Storage?

Known names / aliases on the internet that Jae Burnham has operated under or currently operates under:

Jaebird88 - (Google Profile of jaebird88) - Click Here
Jae Burnham
Jae Lorne Burnham

What does Jae Burnham aka jaebird88 does on his freetime?: Copy and Paste URL - http://www.pokerhand.org/?5229564

Jae Burnham Profile (per Jae Burnham himself - See Link Here )

Status: Single
Here for: Networking, Dating, Serious Relationships, Friends
Hometown: Grand Ledge
Orientation: Straight
Body type: 6' 0" / Some extra baggage
Ethnicity: White / Caucasian
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Children: Someday
Smoke / Drink: No / No
Education: Some college
Occupation: Moving Business Owner
Income: $60,000 to $75,000

School Attended
Grand Ledge High School
Grand Ledge,MI
Graduated: 1988
Student status: Alumni
Degree: High School Diploma
1987 to 1988 Companies
U-Save Moving
Eagle, Michigan US
Lansing Pet Sitters
Eagle, Michigan US
Eagle, Michigan US
Zynga Poker


Lastest PR Release from Jae Burnham

Check this out!

Jae Burnham may move President Barack Obama and Family to the White House! - circa November 17, 2008

Helpful Links to Jae Burnham and U Save Moving and Storage

123People.com on Jae Burnham - Also shows various points of placement of where Jae Burnham has posted online

Jae Burnham on RipOffReport.com

US Federal Court Public Record

Operates under a US Dot Number of USDOT - 1811260 

MPSC License Number (Moving Authority Number) - No Record On File / Illegal operator in the State of Michigan / No State Moving License on File

ICC MC Number (Federal State Line Household Goods Authority) - No Record On File


Note: As of June 2011 - Jae Burnham of U Save Moving & Storage has moved his residence and moving business once again in the city of Grand Ledge MI.

New address (As of September 2011)

U-Save Moving And Storage
918 W Jefferson St
Grand Ledge, Mi 48837

Note: As of April 1, 2011 - Jae Burnham of U Save Moving & Storage has moved his residence and moving business once again from Eagle Michigan to Grand Ledge MI.

New address (as of April 15, 2011):

U-Save Moving c/o Jae Burnham
214 1/2 W Jefferson
Grand ledge, MI 48837

Known emails he operates or has operated with:






Known Phone Numbers he operates under:
(517) 627-8124
(330) 887-2834
(517) 483-3503 
(888) 725-7590
(517) 488-3783

Last known addresses of Jae Burnham

U-Save Moving
PO Box 68
11853 W Grand River
Eagle, MI 48822

Jae Burnham
202B S Bridge St
Grand Ledge Michigan 48837

Jae Burnham
4845 Fountain Ave PMB 9
Los Angeles California 90029
Phone: 953-232-0704

His Twitter Account: Twitter.com/USaveMoving

His Facebook Account: FaceBook.com/USaveMoving (Update: Last post on here was January 27, 2011)

His You Tube Channel: YouTube.com/TheUSaveMoving (Update: Last video posted was 2 weeks ago)

His Profile on Google: U Save Moving Profile

His Squidoo Profile Account: JaeBird88 on Squidoo

Google Location Map and Details - Click here to see location

U Save Moving & Storage Review and Report - Better Business Bureau BBB

Noted businesses / websites he has posted / operated with / and or operated on or with which may be current or defunct.

Quick and Easy Moving 2009 - 2010 - Defunct

Quick and Easy Moving on U Save Moving Website - Be sure to read the domain url of this webpage

Quick and Easy Moving on U Save Moving Website - Another page on his website - Be sure to read the domain url of this webpage

U Save Moving and Storage



Movers-Grand Rapids Wordpress


The Successful Biz




Lansing Auto Detailing

Lansing Auto Detailing - About us

Lansing Truck Detailing - Another page which references to U Save Moving as his top earner


Lansing Pet Sitters


Squidoo.com (U Save Moving & Storage)

Squidoo.com (Various Pages - This is one of them)

Squidoo.com (Quick and Easy Moving Helpful Tips)

Squidoo.com (Another Helpful Moving Tips Page)

GetGlue.com (Another page he posted on)


Picasa Photos




PaulStarrProductions.com - Quick and Easy Moving





Feedage.com - U Save Moving & Storage Profile


Yelp.com - Quick and Easy Moving


YellowPages Online Ad



Protectyourmove.com - Burnham articles on Wordpress

PRLog.com - 7 tips to an Easy Move

Jae Burnham on Amplify - Here he quotes having "3 trucks and 10 employees"

Knol on Google - Articles posted by Jae Burnham about signs of a prfessional moving company

YP Ad spot on Yellowpages.com - Quick and Easy Moving - Jae Burnham

Jae Burnham posting on Moishes Moving Company

Full Service Moving - Wordpress by Jae Burnham

Toms Hardware - Jae Burnham Videos

Michigan Moving Company Blog Spot


Interesting Reads from Jae Burnham

EZine Articles

Moving Company Reviews

Moving Company Review of Testris Moving

Jae Burnham and his knowledge of what it takes to be a legitimate moving company

Interesting Twitter Facts posted by Jae Burnham where he acknowledges doing moves illegally with an authority in Michigan.

London House Removals - Jae Burnham of Quick and Easy Moving

Jae Burnham's Brand New Service - Did he say, "no longer am i regulated to just intrastate moves"?

U Save Moving & Storage in Michigan - U Save Moving and Storage MI - Jae Burnham U Save Moving - U Save Movers MI - U Save Movers Detroit Michigan - U Save Movers Lansing MI The U Save Moving Company - Lansing Eagle Flint Grand Rapids Grand Ledge Kalamazoo Ann Arbor Jackson Detroit Michigan MI

Click the link below and take part in our online poll today

Click the link above and take part in our online poll today


Jae Burnham's take on MPSC law - Note that Mr. Burnham himself and U Save Moving & Storage is a non licensed mover in the State of Michigan - Click here to hear his PODCAST

Any customer or owner of a moving company is urged to read this webpage and perhaps log in a complaint with the Michigan Public Service Commission Motor Carrier Enforcement Division if you feel so compelled to do so as a recourse of recouping and loss from being ripped off by a rouge mover or from a bad moving company here in Michigan. News of a bad mover may be found here as there are many moving companies not licensed to transport household goods in the State of Michigan like that of U Save Moving.

Click here for the official PDF form. Want more information on the MPSC? Click here for more information and phone numbers to report any illegal activity you may have encountered with Jae Burnham.

2011 Yellowpage Ad (see / scroll below) is to be launched February 2011 by Mr Jae Lorne Burnham. Confusing as it may seem, Jae Burnham's yellow page ad depicts a licensed and insured moving company as he is using a company name of "U Save Moving and Storage - Local & Long Distance Moving", however, it mentions in the ad "Labor Only". A moving company in the State of Michigan requires a mover obtain a household good license authority (Click here to hear Jae Burnham describe MPSC procedures and take into account what Jae Burnham has and displays on his websites and advertisments) to operate as a moving company when transporting household goods more than 40 miles in any direction. Yet in his ad, he has "Local and Long Distance Moving". We the People of Michigan are confused yet again that as he is not a state licensed mover in the State of Michigan, yet his own company name "U Save Moving And Storage" whereas he depicts himself as a full fledged moving and storage company and not a "Labor Only" moving entity in Michigan. This would be the same as a doctor who is seeking to practice as a doctor in this state and to practice medicine in the State of Michigan. No application, No Insurance, No permission from the state, No state license granted. No legal operation in this field would be allowed. Period. Or a lawyer in this state. To practice law in the State of Michigan as a lawyer, you must pass the bar exam, have a degree, and again apply to be licensed to practive law before a court no matter whether it be a civil, circuit, or federal court system. Mr. Burnham would argue that he has a USDOT License number,  however according to FSCMA a USDOT is for Companies that operate commercial vehicles transporting passengers or hauling cargo in interstate commerce must be registered with the FMCSA and must have a USDOT Number. Also, commercial intrastate hazardous materials carriers who haul quantities requiring a safety permit must register for a USDOT Number. The USDOT Number serves as a unique identifier when collecting and monitoring a company's safety information acquired during audits, compliance reviews, crash investigations, and inspections.

Hear his PODCAST and see his new Yellow Page ad coming out in February 2011 and how he contradicts himself based on his perception of what should be displayed in his yellowpage ad.


U Save Moving & Storage Yellowpage Ad 2011

Cargo is NOT classified as household goods and according to FSCMA, before you can legally operate as an interstate regulated carrier, you must be granted permission from the Federal Highway Admission in Washington DC. Your ICC authority, is permission granted by the federal government to transport regulated freight or household goods across state lines (Interstate Moves). Mr. Jae Burnham has not obtained this authority to lawfully transport household goods across statelines. Click here to see the federal requirements to be a licensed moving company of household goods across state lines. According to these regulations, this would make Jae Burnham illegal in conducting any relocations outside of Michigan.

In the State of Michigan according to MPSC Guidelines - Mr. Jae Burnham is and illegal operator of household goods in the State of Michigan as well. Read here to read up on factual Michigan State guidelines to be a legal relocation operator of household goods and to transport any one shipment more than a distance of 40 miles from the origin loading point.

SEE THIS VIDEO ---> Click here - In this video on Jae Burnham's You Tube channel, he himself contradicts his own actions and is all out hypocritical as he himself is a moving scammer based on the requirements he claims a real moving company should have to be classified as a real mover in Michigan. As of January 2011, NO MPSC License Authority has been granted to Mr. Burnham. He also mentions in this video that this guy Dave Dunn talks about other moving companies in Michigan yet Mr. Burnham himself mention nothing but slanderous claims against other moving companies (some of whom are totally legitimate moving companies in Michigan). Dont believe what we write here? See for yourself! Click here to read his articles under the title bar "MOVING SCAMS" and read up about other moving companies in the Ann Arbor area or moving companies in the Lansing area or moving companies in the Grand Rapids Michigan area that he claims are illegal operators or as he calls them "Rouge Movers".

According to this link here ---> http://www.dleg.state.mi.us/mpsc/orders/motorcarrierbulletin/2009/bull02-17.pdf - (Page 3 - Left column - Mr. Burnham dba / Quick and Easy Moving application on February 9, 2009 was refused his authority for failing to comply. No moving authority is on file for U Save Moving & Storage and / or Jae Burnham of U Save Moving and Storage.

Again he becomes hypocrticial of his claims on what is and what is not legal or right. This has been copied directly from Jae Burnhams website - Click here to read .

Per Jae Burnham's words in this article as quoted from above- "Here is a real-life example of a man that tried to get into the moving game but was in fact nothing more than guy with a pick-up claiming he was a mover. I wrote an article a while back giving examples of moving scam ads on Craigslist. Just because someone has a pick-up and can place an ad on Craigslist a mover it does not make. These are moving scams. Sure you may have a good experience. They are cheap…until they are arrested and their truck and your possessions are confiscated. Or they break or damage your furniture. Or they steal your possessions. And as they ARE NOT licensed and insured forget about getting money from them for anything. Filing a BBB complaint is useless. The BBB has no authority over them. They will just change their name and continue doing what they have always done…lying, stealing and cheating."

Let it be known that Mr. Burnham does not own any moving trucks and he used the disguise of using and renting Ryder Trucks and U Haul trucks for rent in Michigan. He either has the customer rent the truck for him or he rents it and uses the truck as a cloaked vehical to avoid State of Michigan Motor Carrier enforcement when travelling the highways either in the state of Michigan or when he crosses statelines of Ohio or Indiana into other states as he depicts in his you tube videos.

This website is not sponsored by nor affiliated with Jae L. Burnham or any other known aliases he uses or has used in the past, present, or future or any colorable imitation of himself or any other individual so named Jae Burnham, and this content is publicly available from documents, recorded events which have been provided by Jae L. Burnham himself.

All information listed herein has been supplied by that of Jae Lorne Burnham himself or acts of non compliance by Jae Burnham which is the direct or has been the direct result of the additonal information supplied herein. Jae Burnham is located in Eagle Michigan or Jae Burnham of Grand Ledge Michigan - Western Lansing / Eastern Lansing area and operates a moving company named U Save Moving & Storage - USave Moving & Storage or The U Save Moving Company in Grand Ledge Michigan or U-Save Moving and Storage or U-Save Movers Lansing Michigan - www.usavemovingandstorage.com

(These postings BELOW are from his actual websites as written and posted by Jae Burnham himself).

Example 1 (As displayed on his You Tube Channel - The U Save Moving )

Video 1 (This video was and has been posted by Jae Burnham - TheUSaveMoving and the narrator voice is that of Jae Burnham himself)


Below are articles written and posted by that of Mr Jae Burnham himself of U Save Moving and Storage. The owner / operator of his self proclaimed moving company creating moving company reviews of other moving companies for his own personal self gain. Slanderous in nature and far from the truth and has no substantiated proof otherwise than what he has allegedly made up.

If you or your company has been a victim of this person by acts of slander, we the people would kindly ask that you place a link on your webiste and have it point here to counter act any acts of slanderous statements that may have been made against your company.

Advanced Technical Moving Are Rogue Movers
From: ATMScam | December 28, 2010

Dave Dunn the owner of Advanced Technical Moving is a rogue mover. He says that he is part of the Michigan Movers Association. He is not. LIAR! He says he is licensed and insured. But fails to provide proof. LIAR! He says that he has 20 yrs experience, but on his Yelp! page profile he says he has been in business for only 2 years. LIAR! He makes up stories about other moving companies, calling them child molesters, etc. CRIMINAL! He says that he is making 1 million dollars a year, but his house is in the hood. LIAR! This guys is scum. I suggest you stay away from him at all costs...

Example 2 (From this webpage - U Save Moving Bekins )

Bekins Van Lines Hires New CEO; Admits They Are Lacking.
September 18, 2010 by admin
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Bekins Van Lines, in my opinion, and I am not the only one, is one of the worst moving companies out there. J.D. Powers and Associates has ranked Bekins Van Lines sub-par for two years in a row. Bekins in fact has a very horrible reputation online. All you have to do is Google Bekins Van Lines and you will get several online watchdog groups and online reviews sites rank Bekins with horrible ratings.

Eopinions.com gives Bekins Van lines 1.5 stars out of 5. Pissed Consumer gives Bekins 3 stars out of 5. RateItAll.com gives Bekins Van Lines 1.5 stars out 5. MovingScam.com writes very unsavory reviews of Bekins and they are in fact on their blacklist of moving companies.

And there are several other sites similar to the ones above that give the same picture. I am in no way a fan of Bekins at all.

It is only fair that I share with you why I am such an advocate against Bekins Van Lines so that there is full disclosure.

Over two years ago when I started my moving company I was named something completely different. I hadn’t even been in business six months when the Bekins agent out Fraser, MI tried suing me. What was the reason for the law suit: Easy! Money. These greedy bastards were being sued by a mini storage company that shared a similar name. So this Bekins agent sued me for the very same thing that they were being sued for. Now that irony!

These hypocritical losers thought because they had money that they could push me around and help there losing lawsuit.

Well That didn’t sit right with me; so being as proficient as I am with the internet I did some searching. At first I just researched this Bekins agent, and let me tell you I found a lot of dirt. I found that this “moving company” (and I use that term loosely) had a horrible BBB report. That they have more complaints on them than other mover in Michigan. In fact the BBB fully admits that this mover is far above the industry norm for complaints based on size and volume. And THAT was just the tip of the iceberg.

I used this information and the internet and I made it known far and wide to be on the look out for this moving scam company.

Of course that led me into the research on Bekins Van Lines themselves. And from what I have found out the old adage of “birds of a feather flock together” really rings true. It is very apparent to me that Bekins Van Lines and the agent that sued me were definitely cut from the same cloth.

And that leads me to moral of this story.

In September 2009 Bekins Van Lines hired a new CEO: Greg Hoover. From Bekins very own website on Greg the admit that they are a sub-par moving company and need to get “back to a position of prominence” that they once held.

Here is the actual quote:

“…hiring him shows that Bekins is serious about getting back to a position of prominence.”

It is bad when a moving company of this size knows and admits that they are not as good as they need to be and publicly say so on their own website. It is admirable that the recognize that something has to change…

But from what I can see this company is only giving lip service and as the same old operating standards are still in play. This is a very bad company to use. I do not recommend you do, and if you do and something goes wrong and you have read this article then you deserve it. If you have use Bekins Van Lines and had a positive result then I am very happy for you, and please send me a comment on it and I will publish it.

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Example 3 - (from his webpage - Another Moving Review by a Mover about a Mover)

SO I just got this complaint on Allen Davis Moving Systems today. I don’t know if it is true or not but I thought that I would share it for you.

The comment was shared to me on another article so most of you would not even get to see it. I wrote an email to Allen Davis Moving Systems asking for a rebuttal this morning so hopefully they will respond.

Any way here is the complaint:

Hi, I want to sincerely thank the owner of this website b/c there is always two sides to a story. Here’s my update about Allen Davis Moving Systems of San Diego, CA.:

1. Shortly after Mr. Davis pilfered my two gold-framed mirrors, hid and drove away with them WITHOUT notifying me hoping I wouldn’t notice their whereabouts, I filed a formal police report in March 2009. He denied he even had them to the police and then, told the cop that I ‘must got personal problems’ to change the subject and distract. That’s wrong and is libelous. I am NOT crazy after all. He ‘who smelt it, dealt it’ as they say.

2. In May 2010, I took Mr. Davis to small claims court to try to get my mirrors back, and also to get reimbursed for all of my insurance claims b/c Davis refused to cover all damaged items totaling up to $2400 in physical damages. While dressed only in dirty T-shirt, denim shorts, and flip flops, Davis told the judge that he ‘broke and discarded’ my mirrors; same old cover story over and over again.

3. Since the move, I’ve had to buy tons of roach glue and poison traps to deal with all of the myriad large cockroaches that entered my new place from Davis’ unkempt unmarked rental van. Have many pics of those pests upon request.

4. Davis only hires untrained street helpers or illegal aliens who ONLY speak Spanish. PLEASE SPEAK ENGLISH-I DON’T UNDERSTAND YOU GUYS! Made the move very difficult and I am not a master of American sign language. Sure this type of street hiring is to save lots of $$$ for Davis.

5. Lastly, if anyone is guilty of Internet libel, it’s Allen Davis Junior, b/c he’s posted on myriad moving review websites calling me: ‘a big crybaby; biggest liar; got personal problems; not all there; got no life; Tommy —– you loser!; etc. If anyone’s been defamed, then, it is myself. And I’ve never resorted to name-calling or defaming of anyone to this magnitude even of Davis. In court, I told this to the judge and she agreed with me on this and other points while Davis’ face turned fire-truck red. This speaks volumes for itself. Guilty conscience??

6. Davis also, irate that I had exposed his unprofessional business, has constantly sought and has succeeded in flagging and removing my moving reviews of his business such as on Yelp.com. I guess, the truth really hurts some folks. Anyways, that’s my two-cents in response to Davis’ online posts. Bottom Line: Always read others’ moving reviews BEFORE hiring any movers; best to shop around and don’t just blindly pick one up from the Yellow Pages as I did; worst mistake I’ve ever made! Take care you all.

Tags: Allen Davis Junior, allen davis moving systems, american sign language, c davis, Davis, illegal aliens, internet libel, MI, mov, move, mover, movers, moving, moving review, moving system, Mr. Davis, personal problems, physical damages, police report, s allen, San Diego, san diego ca, small claims court, T UNDERSTAND, Tommy, usave, usavemoving, usavemovingandstorage, usavemovingandstorage.com, Yelp

Example 4 (Read this article on his website here: Click Here for a mover in Michigan)

M & M Professional Moving was starting to impress me, but recently all I am hearing is complaint after complaint. I have received two complaints on this company in less than 24 hours.

M & M Professional Moving is owned by Michael Denski. They are out of Warren Michigan. Michael was starting to do the right things with his company. They lad an official business name with their city. And they had DOT numbers…but it turns out that they are just completely hogwash and ruse to get more business. Typical actions from a moving scam company.

They are also continuing their affiliation with A Better Move a notorious moving company from the same area. Between these two companies I have received the most negative comments.

Here I am go to list some of the complaints that I have gotten on them:

Misty says:
August 19, 2010 at 4:37 pm (Edit)

Worst moving experience ever! We hired them to load our 16ft rental truck. We had hardly any furniture and a lot of boxes. Should be an easy and quick load, right? They took over five hours! We were supposed to have 3 guys working for us. One was the “boss” and he didn’t do anything except sit on his butt and talk on his cell phone. One was an old guy with an obvious bad back, and he was slower than molasses> I also caught him smoking in an upstairs bedroom during one of the numerous “breaks” he took. The other mover was a young guy who mostly stayed in the truck arranging the load and didn’t do much else. I also caught him taking numerous “breaks” and not doing anything.

Do not hire this company! They are a rip-off!

melissa says:
August 16, 2010 at 5:22 pm (Edit)

Michael Denski’s M&M Professional Moving is absolutely NOT a reputable company. Their drivers were 3 hours late to start with and then they overcharged me by an hour, which, shame on me, I did not notice until AFTER I had TIPPED them and they had left. The worst, though, is that my 1 year old table was scratched big time during the move, right on top. When I pointed it out to the guys, they said to make sure that I called the insurance number on the invoice form. There turned out to be no number on the form, so I called owner Michael Denski. He said he would send someone out to work on it for me, but the person never showed up and never even called. So, I called Michael Denski back and he said that they (I guess Denski’s crew….since supposedly they have been in business for 13 years – – yeah right!) would come and get my table to take it to have it worked on, but once again, no one showed up. I have left a message every day for about a month now and Michael has not returned any of my calls.

Also, I did not know that my elderly neighbor had spoken to one of the movers during my move and engaged them to help her daughter move that following week. I found out that they tacked on a bunch of fuel charges that she was never told about and they demanded a tip from her as well. I suppose they would have done that to me if I hadn’t have been stupid enough to give it in the first place.


Kelly says:
April 24, 2010 at 12:39 pm (Edit)

M M Moving is NOT a reputable company! I would advise everyonr [SIC] to BEWARE of them. Last Saturday they moved my family. There quote said nothing about fuel charges or insurance charges. I have a 55′ big screen that I gladly paid the extra insurance on only to have them drop it – the casing is cracked and the picture now has big black lines running through it. I called them several times before Michael finally agreed to send someone out to look at it – did he – NO! I have called several times every day but he is avoid my calls. This company is a total scam – stay away from them.

Another interesting tidbit about this company; most of the complaints that I get on this company come from women. Are they singling out the women because they think they are weaker or can be intimidated easier? You’ll have to be the judge on that one.

Just thought you should have the info.

Good luck with your move.

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Example 5 (Click this to see this moving article - Click Here)

A little while ago I did an article on Craigslist Moving Scammers. This guy Corey was named. He keeps posting on Craigslist stating that he has the cheapest prices. And while that may be true you get what you pay for when it comes to moving.

Of course when I reported on Corey being a moving scammer he screamed blue murder. Yet it seems that my assessment has come true.

(You can click here to see my report on Corey.)

It seems yesterday (July 20, 2010) there was a report on Craigslist from a a very dissatisfied customer. Apparently, this guy scheduled Corey to do a move and Corey just never showed up, leaving the guy hanging and in trouble…

You can see the exact post below:

enclosed trailer mover is a no call no show! DO NOT USE (flint)

I spoke with corey who has the 14×7 enclosed trailer on here that advertises moving services. he was supposed to come and move my stuff the next day because i needed to be out by the following day. HE WAS A NO CALL NO SHOW. I TRIED CALLING HIM AND LEFT MESSAGES AND HE NEVER RETURNED MY CALL.




click here for the actual ad on Craigslist…assuming it hasn’t been flagged.

First off, a 14 x 7 trailer is NOT a moving vehicle. You cannot load a lot of furniture and household possessions on one of those. And to move with a trailer such as this requires multiple trips. Corey knows this. This is why he charges so low in the first place.

He knows that he can charge low because the move will take longer than it would with a professional mover, but the cost will still be about the same. He also can charge low because he is NOT licensed and insured.

How do I know this, because Corey told this to me personally over the phone. He called me after I wrote about him on this website of him being a moving scammer. Do you know what he said to me? He said “So what if I have to make multiple trips. I make just as much or more by doing it this way as you.”

If that is not an admission of a moving scammer I don’t know what is.

So heed my words, but if you don’t, then at least listen to the guy above that was left hanging by this loser and stay away from Corey.

Tags: blue murder, corey, craigslist, craigslist org, dissatisfied customer, enclosed trailer, flint, furniture, household possessions, MI, mov, move, mover, moving, moving scam, moving scammers, moving service, moving services, possessions, professional, professional mover, Scammer, Scammers, scams, trailer mover

Example 6 (Click this to see this moving article - Click Here)

Moving Scams Cry “Foul”.
January 24, 2010 by admin
Filed under Moving scams
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As a service to you I put me neck on the chopping block to expose the moving scams and those that commit to do them. As a result I have a lot of moving scam “moving companies” screaming mad at me, and you know what? ….I love it!

I know that I am doing my jobs when the people that are defrauding you of your hard earned money are screaming foul.

I one “moving company” owner that is a complete coward. This person lives over a 100 miles away from me so thinks by calling incessantly telling me how he is “going to kick my ass” or informing me that he knows where I live scares me. Well first off it is very brave (said sarcastically) to tell me you are going to engage in physical violence when you are 100 miles away. Two; telling me you know where I live is not a threat. I clearly have already told the entire internet when I posted the address on my website and over the web. And three; seriously! You thinking harassing me over the phone, childish threats and empty promises really intimidate me? It only makes you look as unprofessional as I have already told everyone you are.

Another person claiming he is a mover is crying foul. This time it is from someone that I exposed as having a fraudulent moving company and illegal moving ads posted on the internet. So what does he do? he post on Craigslist this following post:

It does not matter if I use a 14×7 enclosed trailer to move a 3 bdr house. So what if it takes 2 or 3 trips. Dont target me because im out there tryin to make money. I am licensed, and I am a pro. I dont hide behind a fake website, tryin to piss people off. Watch who your talking about! You should take my name and ad off your web page.

No joke.

The person can’t spell. Horrible grammer and he admits that he has to make multiple trips when he does a move.

Do the math. A professional mover with the right equipment can do an average size house or apartment, from start to finish in about 3 hours. This person has to do it about 6 hours. I have checked what he charges for the moves he does and he charges $60/hr. So 6 hours times $60 equals $360.

I charge $95/hr. I will do the same move in 3 hours. So lets add this up: $95 times 3 hours equals $285.

So who really is cheaper? And who really is the professional here?

But this person has to make himself right by claiming I harming him. Maybe. But he is harming you and making my industry look bad. He is not a professional mover in any shape or form.

He claims to me that he is licensed and insured. He blatantly lies. Maybe he is licensed and insured for his vehicle but not as a mover. I know as I personally called him and I asked him for his USDOT and MPSC numbers. He didn’t even know what they were nor the fact he needed them.

So I know that I am doing good in this world when bad people and fraudulent “movers” are called out and exposed and they are upset for it.

So remember this! Moving scams will scream foul when exposed. They cannot stand the light of truth. They kick and scream and carry on like a spoiled child but in the end they remain the same as they have always been. Slick con artists and bullys.

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